From day one of creating the concept for counterintelligence, my personal motto was: “Countering the common intelligence, and lack thereof.” It started with a FREE, grassroots, underground magazine [counterintelligence: the AntiZINE, 1998-2005], then morphed into a Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) record label [counterintelligence recordings, 2002-09], and has been reborn from within the icy blue flames as counterWULF, an Ambassador Wolf Educational Outreach program currently featuring Sir BEOWULF the Brave as Ambassador Beowulf.

I have discovered a gem by uncovering the ancient, mostly forgotten, original bond between modern humans and dogs traced backward through time, history, and evolution to a day when ancient humans walked alongside wolves. These early hunter-gatherers wore wolf canine teeth talisman pendants as a symbol recognizing themselves as the “People of the Wolf” while separating their clan from those tribes who had yet to walk among the “fierce green fire.”

Unlike many who would rather selfishly hoard such a rare and precious find by keeping this special jewel a secret from society, I have chosen to share the wealth with anyone and everyone willing to listen, learn, and rekindle our long-lost, primitive-yet-sophisticated relationship with Canis lupus, the Gray Wolf.

– Kevin of counterWULF

Keystone Wolf Education

Keystone Wolf Education was formed with the mindset of “Think Globally, Act Locally” when it comes to science-based wolf advocacy.

The founding members are Pennsylvanians residing in the Keystone State. Gray wolves are sometimes referred to as a “keystone species.” The stars aligned.  The phoenix took flight to ignite the torch.

Keystone Wolf Education was born from the fires of passion for protection of a species (Canis lupus) who granted us our greatest boon: the domesticated dog (Canis lupus familiaris).

Our plan is to start small through educational events here in Pennsylvania with a future focus on surrounding states, then New England, the east coast, eventually reaching out across the US, North America, and finally utilizing the torchlight of knowledge to illuminate the world from the darkness of ignorance.  Global wolf education, rooted in local, dedicated volunteers who advocate: “Doing something is better than doing nothing at all!”

While we understand Pennsylvania is not home to wild wolves, we also understand the impact (both positive and negative) Pennsylvanians have on the rest of society-at-large, the wilderness, and the wildlife.



Nancy and I are always ready and willing to discuss wolf matters with the public. If you have questions or would like more information, please use our contact info below to reach out to us. Email works best. We can also be found on Facebook as Kevin Counter, Nancy A. Avolese, Keystone Wolf Education, counter WULF, or Ambassador BEOWULF.